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Hardwood & Laser Cut Screens


Bettawood Hardwood Screens

The Australian backyard is a traditionally sacred place for the family to spend time together, so it's important to have the privacy, security and beautiful aesthetics. Bettawood hardwood screens are a fantastic idea that allows you to create a private outdoor retreat, where you can enjoy the peace and quiet with your family and friends.

Our range of hardwood screens are perfect for the modern home, available in made to measure panels or in kit form. The screens are available in a large selection of hardwood species, or if your after the painted look, then we highly recommend 66 x 19 Bettapine (a pre-primed L.O.S.P. Timber). All slatted screens are constructed from a 70 x 35 permapine frame that is complemented with stainless steel fixings. The end result is a hardwood screen that is extremely solid in construction and stunning in looks.

After the complete package Bettawood can install, oil and paint your slatted screens, leaving you with nothing more to do, than sit back, relax and take in their stunning character.

Laser Cut Screens

Laser cut screens add a decretive edge to regular wood screening solutions. Providing all the privacy and function of a traditional indoor or outdoor wood screen but with the added appeal of eye catching patterns and designs. You will be amazed the endless possibilities of laser screening.

Check out some of our Screen projects

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