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"In 'Project in Focus' we follow a feature project from start to finish, detailing in short the clients key elements as requested for the build. We aim to keep this fresh with an update every 3-5 months."

Stunning Use of Space, Fullarton

The Client Brief: “Create an outdoor area that can be used all year round, both Day and Night, project must incorporate 2 distinguishing key elements”

The first key element was to bring a clean fresh look, for this part we used a 138x11 Design Pine Eaves lining board (painted colorbond Surfmist)coupled with Led downlights, this combination gave the overall area a really clean vibrant finish weather it was day or night. The further use of a R3 insulation blanket between the roof layer and ceiling lining also ensured excellent thermal properties from summer to winter.

The Last key element our client wanted was a feature wall that reflected there passion for timber. Here we used  Northern Rivers Recycled Timber panels which perfectly captures the raw rustic beauty of aged hardwood, the result speaks for itself.

One of the most satisfying results from the build for the client  which is perfectly demonstrated from the day 1 picture, is that they have turned a wasted area into an extension of the house, there ultimate goal is to rip up the paving and put in a timber deck to truly complete the area.

1 Fullarton Verandah Day1

2 Fullarton Verandah Part Construct

3 Fullarton Verandah Part Ceiling

4 Fullarton Verandah Part Roofing

5 Fullarton Verandah Part Feature Wall

5.1 Fullarton Verandah Part Feature Wall

6 Fullarton Verandah Complete portraitoptimised

7 Fullarton Verandah Complete

8 Fullarton Verandah Complete3

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