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Bettawood Picket Fencing

Create the perfect first impression with a Bettawood built Picket Fence. From the simple to the stylish, we have a range of styles that will best suit your home. Our design team have the experience and knowledge to help you in this selection.

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Picket Profiles

Picket Range

D.I.Y Fence Kits All styles covered

  • Picket fencing
  • Big Red Heritage Wire & Gates
  • Hardwood/Composite Screening
  • Paling Fencing
  • Lattice Screening

Simply drop in or email us your measurements and some pictures of the area so we can quote your project today.

Jarrah Pickets

For a first class finish we recommend 65x20 Jarrah Hardwood pickets. Available in Pointed/Windsor/Gothic and Straight Top. Jarrah pickets are far superior to the standard Treated Pine picket.

CCA Treated Pine Picket

For a cost affordable alternative to our Jarrah Pickets we stock Treated Pine CCA Pickets.

Capped Picket Fence

Our Capped Picket Fence is achieved using a 88x42 Design Pine Pyramid capping, with a 90 x 19 LOSP Design Pine Slat as the upright, all combining for a perfect finish.
Col Light Gdns Pic3Capped Picket Fence FG
Capped Picket Fence detail
fencing balustrates Bettawood 0648w
112x112 Treated Pine H4 GL8 Posts

Feature Posts

For strength and stability, our preferred choice of post is a 112x 112 Treated Pine GL8 Post. This post is the perfect foundation for your new fence. Bettawood also provide a hardwood option in a 120x120 Seasoned Merbau Post, quite simply this is the best hardwood post on the market.

Fixings     spax

Our pickets are secured using a 40mm Stainless Steel screw. This discreet high quality German made screw prevents any unsightly rust stains which can commonly occur with galvanised screws. The small head also allows for easy filling of screw head for those customers who are after a clean finish.*Note. Standard practice for a bettawood built picket fence is to leave screw heads exposed.

SPAX the Screw! The future in Picket fasteners. Click on SPAX logo for Brochure D/Load.


SPAX D screw
Lawton Fence Top rail image
Post Top Finishes


With every front fence we build, we recommend a Colorbond Superior Letterbox. This key lockable letterbox is available in the full colorbond range.

Heritage Wire Fencing and Gates

Big Red Sign

Bettawood is the proud supplier and installer of Big Red Heritage Wire. Wrap your house in style with our 100% Australian made woven wire, available in a large range of colours and in 3 standard heights – 950mm – 1100mm – 1250mm.

To compliment your new Heritage Fence, we have 7 Ornamental gate designs to choose from. Handcrafted to the true heritage style our custom made gates can be made to any size for your pedestrian or driveway gate. Click on the Bed Red Brochure to see our full range of Big Red Heritage Products.

Big Red Brochure download

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Check out some of our Fencing projects

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Timber 86mm Blackbutt

Hardwood Screening

Hardwood Screening – The contemporary Style hardwood screen has evolved considerably since it first appeared in the outdoor scene more than 10 years ago. Today Bettawood has the largest range of timber slat screening in the state. A Bettawood Built hardwood screen will add both privacy and beauty to your outdoor living area.

Modwood Screening   modwood logo

68 x 17 Modwood Screening provides an excellent alternative to timber. The slat has the characteristics and look of timber but without the maintenance issues. This is a fantastic product that we have worked extensively with. Head to our Screening gallery to see some of our recent work.

Vertical Batten Screening

Beamont Screen 90 Kapur FG
Bettawood 40 x 30 display Kapur
38x38 Sawn Hardwood/Finished with Lanotec

Bettawood have recently introduced a range of Hardwood battens that provide a unique form of vertical screening. Range Vertical battens include:

  • 40 x 30 Kapur: We source the highest grade Kapur, exceptional quality.
  • 38 x 38 Eastern Australian Hardwood: this rough sawn product provides a stunning rustic look. Finish with Lanotec Timber seal for the perfect finish.
  • 40 x 30 Victoria Ash: Stunning Australian Hardwood treated to a H3 level. Perfect screening batten due to straightness and stability.
  • 40 x 30 / 42 x 42 Design Pine: Pre-primed Treated Pine, the product to use when a painted finish is required. Go for the 42 x 42 for an oversized chunky effect.

Maintenance Hardwood Screening

Naturally with all exposed timber there is a level of maintenance required for Hardwood Screening. For a fully exposed board with an oil based finish this may amount to oiling twice a year. Alternatively, for a longer life finish such as water based Intergrain Ultradeck or Intergrain Natural Stain a recoat life of 2-3 years can be achieved. For screens that are under cover of a verandah and away from the damaging effects of the sun and rain, then a recoat in 5 years’ time might be all that’s required.

Like the look of our Hardwood or Composite Screening?

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Paling Fence

The traditional timber paling fence is an Aussie classic. It provides a cost effective way of providing privacy and security, whilst retaining the natural look of timber.

150x17 Treated Pine Paling Fence

Timber Options

  • Treated Pine Palings 146 x 12mm / 146 x 17mm: the standard treated pine boards come in 2 thicknesses. For a boundary fence we recommend the 17mm board.
  • 138 x 19 Western Red Cedar Tight Knot Cladding: Require a superior grade timber paling? This V Joint Tongue and grove board is finished off sawn. Great stability with the true natural beauty that you get from Cedar. Finish with Lanotec Timber Seal, which preserves the timber whilst still allowing the timber to naturally silver off for a stunning effect.
West Beach Fence

Alternative Fencing Products

Feature Colorbond Fencing:

At Bettawood we are happy to create any look you desire. Check out the pictures below of a stunning front fence we built in West Beach. Here we used Revolution True Oak Deep Corrugated sheeting combined with feature 120 x 120 Hardwood posts, to create a simple yet stunning front fence with absolute privacy.

Lattice Screening

Bettawoods traditional range of ready-made lattice panels combines beauty with affordability. Our framed lattice panels provide the perfect backdrop for highlighting garden features, creating privacy or simply screening off an unsightly boundary fence. Take the look further with our Designer range of lattice screens, these panels incorporate our custom made arches to create the designer look!

"All our fencing projects comes backed by our Bettabuilt installation and Painting service"

Lattice Designer Panel FG

Check out some of our Screening projects

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