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Attractive Merbau (Kwila) timber glulam posts, beams and handrails that are strong, durable, termite proof and fire resisting.

Designed for External Structural Applications but also suitable for fine joinery and furniture.

Magna Glulam is made by end-jointing small pieces of Kwila timber to make long-lengths which are glued together under pressure using a durable, structural adhesive. It is a high quality timber product with predictable strength and in-service performance. It is available in a large range of beams, posts and handrails which particularly suited to external structures where the beauty of the rich red/brown timber is to be expressed.

Magna Glulam is manufactured by a licenced plant in accordance with Australian Standards under a very strict third party audited quality assurance System provided by the Glue Laminated Timber Association of Australia.

"Only legal and sustainable timber is used to make Magna Glulam"


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