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We stock an impressive range of builders hardware at prices far superior than what you’ll find at your local hardware store. Our extensive range of builder’s hardware includes:

  • Galvanised Bolts and Coach screws: we also stock a small range of G316 stainless steel bolts in 12mm.
  • Post Supports – Joist Supports – Angle Brackets: we stock the Advansa range of products.
  • Fascia Brackets: We hold stock of all fascia brackets in all degrees.
  • Galvanised Dynabolts 10mm and 12mm: We also stock a small range of G316 stainless steel dynabolts in 12mm.
  • Nails and Screws: We stock a huge range of nails and screws, available in galv and stainless steel.
  • Adhesives and Silicones: We stock the Soudal range of adhesives and silicones.
  • Concrete Pre-Mix: we stock the Adelaide Brighton range of pre-mix concrete.
  • Tuff Pre-Fab Stair Stringer.
  • Klevaklip Range Building Products

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 NEW Product Release: SPAX Screws

made in germanyspax

Bettawood are now a stockist of SPAX quality screws. The SPAX range of screws are made exclusively in Germany and are a world leader in producing quality fasteners.

SPAX Decking Screws: SPAX specialise in high grade stainless steel decking screws. We firmly believe that to secure and compliment your premium grade hardwood deck you should use a first class fastening screw. SPAX range of screws is that screw! Current industry practice for securing a hardwood deck is an inferior stainless steel square drive screw made in China. Quite simply there is no comparison. SPAX and Bettawood aim to change this.

Click Here for SPAX-D Decking Screw Brochure

SPAX Range of Decking Screws Stocked at Bettawood

Cylindic Head Deck Screw Stainless Steel Flat Countersink Head Stainless Steel
SPAX-D 5x40mm G304
SPAX-D 5x50mm G304 SPAX 5x50mm
SPAX-D 5x60mm G304 SPAX 5x60mm
SPAX-D 8x120mm G316 SPAX 6x60mm
SPAX 6x80mm

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SPAX range of products are available to order exclusively at Bettawood. To place an order for a SPAX product, speak to a SPAX specialist on 8297 8844 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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