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Hardwood/Speciality Timbers

IRONASH LogoIronAsh H3 Treated Hardwood

Enter a whole new era in outdoor timber solutions, Iron Ash is simply the most exciting new timber product we have discovered!

New Iron Ash from Australian sustainable hardwoods unveils the natural beauty and character of Victorian Ash as the perfect external hardwood solution. Previously limited to internal use in the building industry, Iron Ash through innovative treatment technology uses a transparent combination of water based additives that are fully infused deep into the core of Vic Ash. Iron Ash is treated to a H3 level therefore enabling it to be used in any build to allow the continuous flow of timber design from inside to outside.

Guaranteed to perform: So sure of Iron Ash, we are delighted to offer a 25 year guarantee that Iron Ash will exceed or meet all Australian H3 standards for exterior timber decay and termite attack.

Beautiful, Strong and Durable: The Iron Ash range offer an affordable timber that is exceptionally stable and easy to work with. Iron Ash can easily be cut, stained, oiled or painted. If you are looking for an innovative timber solution for your next outdoor project, then the choice is simple!

IronAsh Supalam
Building in a bushfire zone? Iron Ash has a BAL rating of BAL19

Iron Ash Pergola’s

Create an architecturally inspired Pergola. Stronger, Straighter this stunning hardwood is set to redefine the way Pergolas are designed and built.

Iron Ash Decks

Iron Ash bearers and joists give you F17 strength, providing longer spans, straighter timber and a hardwood joist that has double the holding ability of treated pine, which ensures the quality of the deck for years to come.

Iron Ash timber
IronAsh:Timeless beauty that’s perfect for the 21st century

Iron Ash Supalam Stocked Range

Size Grade Finish Lengths
42x42 A17 DAR 5.4
70x42 A17 DAR 2.4 - 7.2m
90x42 A17 DAR 2.4 - 7.2m
120x42 A17 DAR 2.4 - 7.2m
140x42 A17 DAR 2.4 - 7.2m
190x42 A17 DAR 2.4 - 7.2m
240x42 A17 DAR 2.4 - 7.2m
290x42 A17 DAR 2.4 - 6.0m
90x90 A17 DAR 2.4 - 6.0m
112x112 A17 DAR 2.4 - 6.2=0m

Listed Lengths:

While we aim to stock all lengths listed, these listings are subject to stock movements and supply availability. We will endeavour to provide you with the lengths you require. To help with this we recommend for large quantities that you order in advance.


To discuss pricing on any of the Iron Ash range of products, speak to an IronAsh specialist on 8297 8844.


To discuss the application of an IronAsh product on your next outdoor project email out design team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IronAsh Cladding

IronAsh Cladding

Head to our Cladding Page to view our stock range

IronAsh screening

IronAsh Decking & Screening

Head to ourDecking and Screening Page to view our stock range

australian sustainable hardwoods logoGoodwood Victorian Ash Range: Internal Use

The full Goodwood range of internal Victorian Ash products are also available to order exclusively from Bettawood. This stunning range is showcased through the Goodwood and Alpine Oak range of products available in the following applications

  • Lining Boards
  • Flooring
  • Stair Components
  • Bench Tops
Alpine Oak Lining
Alpine Oak Lining
Alpine Oak Flooring
Alpine Oak Flooring
Victorian Ash Stairs
Victorian Ash Stairs

Become inspired, turn good design into great design with the Goodwood range of Internal Victorian Ash, to discover more click on the 2 stunning ranges below.

goodwood ash
alpine oak ash
  • To discuss how any of the Goodwood and Alpine Oak range of products can be used on your internal fitout or home renovations, including all pricing enquiries please email our design team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


TRULAM Logo bettawoodethmagnaglulam logoLaminated Merbau

Merbau Lam Verandah Pic 1

Be inspired by our engineered Merbau range. Using finger Jointed Glue Lamination methods, Laminated Merbau creates spans that only glue laminated products can achieve. Adhesive systems used are all service class 3 for external above ground application. Merbau is naturally resistant to rot and termites and seasons well with kiln drying. This creates an exceptionally durable post and beam with very little shrinkage or movement. Bettawood stock one of the largest range of this architecturally inspired timber in the state.

Magna Brochure Download   TruLam Brochure Download


Lamianted Merbau BAL 29 Bushfire Rated Timber

Laminated Merbau Product Range


Size Range Grade Finish Lengths
90x90 ... GL13 F/J LAM 1.8,2.4,2.7,3.0,3.6,4.8,6.0m
115x115 ... GL13 F/J LAM 1.8,2.4,2.7,3.0,3.6,4.8,6.0m
140x140 ... GL13 F/J LAM 2.4,3.0,3.6,4.8,6.0m
190x190* ... GL13 F/J LAM 2.4,3.0,3.6,4.8,6.0m

*Available to order only


Size Range Grade Finish Lengths
70x42 ... GL17 F/J LAM 2.4,3.0,3.6,6.0m
90x42 ... GL17 F/J LAM 2.4,3.0,3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m
140x42 ... GL17 F/J LAM 2.4,3.0,3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m
190x42 ... GL17 F/J LAM 2.4,3.0,3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m
240x42 ... GL17 F/J LAM 3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m
290x42 ... GL17 F/J LAM 3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m
140x65* ... GL17 F/J LAM 3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m
190x65* ... GL17 F/J LAM 3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m
240x65* ... GL17 F/J LAM 3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m
290x65* ... GL17 F/J LAM 3.6,4.8,6.0,7.2m

*Available to order only

* Note all 7.2m lengths are a non-stocked item and are charged at a higher rate than standard stocked lengths.


Size Finish Lengths
66x18 F/J DAR 5.4m
42x30 F/J DAR 5.4m
18x18 Quad F/J Quad 5.4m
30x30 Scotia F/J Scotia 5.4m

TruLam Decking

Bettawood are exclusive stockists of TruLam Single Join Finger Jointed Decking , this amazing new product is available in set length 90x19 and 140x19, head to our Decking page to see our stocked range.

Merbau Care: Merbau is a natural product rich in tannins and should be kept dry until it is coated. When merbau comes in contact with rain, these dark red tannins will leech out in a red wine like substance. This bleeding can cause staining to any surface it comes in contact with i.e. concrete pavers. To ensure correct handling and installation please click on the magna handling/Installation Link.

Merbau Coating: Bettawood use and recommend the Intergrain range of products as the preferred coating system for Merbau timber. Discuss how to prepare and coat your merbau timber with one of our sales team to ensure the maximum life of your timber.

Click here to view our Intergrain Product Range.

Solid Merbau Posts

Simply the best seasoned hardwood post on the market.

Solid Merbau Posts

Size Grade Lengths
120x120 Seasoned Kiln Dried 1.8,2.1,2.4,3.0,3.6m
140x140 Seasoned Kiln Dried 2.4,3.0,3.6m

E Jarrah PostsLaminated Jarrah Posts

Create stunning feature posts with this engineered, pre-oiled Laminated Jarrah post.


120X120 Laminated Jarrah Post

Size Grade Finish Lengths
120x120 Seasoned Kiln Dried DAR Laminate 2.4,2.7,3.0,5.4m

Cypress Pine

Cypress Pine is an Australian softwood which is sourced from Western NSW into Southern Queensland. It is an extremely hardy timber with properties more similar to that of a hardwood. Cypress pine is a timber that is naturally resistant to rot and termites. Please refer below for sizing’s and lengths.

Stocked Cypress Pine Range


Size Grade Finish Lengths
90x90 F7 DAR 1.8,2.4,2.7,3.0,3.6m
115x115 F7 DAR 1.8,2.4,2.7,3.0,3.6m
150x150 F7 R/SAWN 3.6m
200x200 F7 R/SAWN 3.6m

Text * Posts are available to order in longer lengths, for price and availability talk to a Bettawood team member

Sawn Sizes

Size Grade Finish Lengths
75x50 F7 R/SAWN 2.4,3.0,3.6,4.8,6.0m
150x50 F7 R/SAWN 2.4,3.0,3.6m
200x50* F7 R/SAWN 2.4,3.0,3.6m

Cypress Pine Job lots

Cypress pine is also available to order in both DAR and Rough Sawn in a the large range of sizes not listed above, lead time for special order Cypress Pine Job lots is between 6-8 weeks. For a full range of sizes and lengths available talk to a bettawood team member.


Lead time – Allow 6-8 weeks for all Cypress Pine Job lot orders.

Cypress Pine Care: All Cypress Pine stocked and order is only available in unseasoned grade. This green product is subject to movement and checking as the moisture content in the timber dries out. To preserve and protect your Cypress Pine we recommend you coat your timber with the appropriate coating system, dependent upon the look you are after. Our sale team can advise on a number of products available for coating solutions.

To place an order for Cypress Pine, speak to a Cypress Pine specialist on 8297 8844 or to discuss an upcoming project email our sales team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Western Red Cedar ScreeningWestern Red Cedar

Cedar Sales Logo cedar cladding timber cladding

Bettawood has recently introduced Western Red Cedar into its product range. Cedar brings unbeatable style, surprising simplicity and incredible functionality to any project. Get creative with your next interior-exterior project and check out the exciting, innovative range of Western Cedar products in our Cedar Sales brochure. 

Download Cedar Sales Brochure

Pricing and Availability: To discuss pricing on any of the Cedar products listed in the Cedar Sales range speak to a Cedar specialist on 8297 8844.

Advice: To discuss an upcoming project or simply need advice on the application of a Cedar product, please email our design team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Stocked Cedar: Head to our Screening and Cladding range of products to view our stocked range of Western Red Cedar products.

WRC Castelation Stepped Profile

”Get creative with Cedar Sales dynamic range of innovative profile”

Boral Structural Hardwood

boral tImber

structural range of hardwood is available to order through our Job lot ordering service. This F27 Hardwood is classified as a mixed hardwood consisting of Blackbutt(predominant species) and Sydney Blue Gum, for range of sizing available up to 6m download the Boral Structural Brochure.

Uses include:

  • Sub-floor construction
  • Stair components
  • Pergola’s
  • Bushfire resistant timber

Download Boral Structural Brochure

Pricing and Availability: To discuss pricing and availability on Boral’s range of F27 mixed Hardwoods, speak to a Bettawood sales team member on 8297 8844.

Advice: To discuss an upcoming project or simply need advice on the application of a F27 Mixed Hardwood timber, please email our design team specialists on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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