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Largest Range of Hardwood and Composite Decking

Bettawood's range and knowledge on decking is both extensive and impressive. We believe your new deck should be a natural extension of your home, the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. When well executed, timber decking looks stunning and adds value to your home.

Onsite Quoting

We specialise in the onsite design of timber decks, working with our clients, turning your vision into reality. Using our wealth of experience, we can guide you in selecting the appropriate board that best suits your home and lifestyle. Check out our top 6 hardwoods to help with the selection of your new deck, undertaken with over 25 years experience building decks.


Why Hardwood Decking?
  • Renewable
  • Sustainable
  • Carbon Positive
  • Simply Stunning

Bettawood’s Top 6 Hardwoods

1. Jarrah (65x20/85x20/130x20)

jarrah Image
An Aussie icon. Originates from the South West of Western Australia. Stunning in appearance, light pink to reddish brown in colour with exceptional hardness and durability. One of the easiest hardwoods to work with making it our number 1 choice.
Download Jarrah Brochure

2. Blackbutt (86 x 19/ 130 x 19/ 135 x 32)

Blackbutt Image
Origin NSW/QLD. Truly unique in appearance, one of the lightest of our hardwoods, which allows it to stand up to our harsh climate exceptionally well. Blackbutt is an ideal choice if you are wanting to achieve the natural silvering off effect. Actually harder than Jarrah.
Download Blackbutt Brochure

3. Merbau (90 x 19/ 140 x 19)

Merbau Image
Origin Indonesia/Malaysia. By far the best of the imports, simply stunning in appearance with proven durability to withstand our harsh conditions. Deep dark red colours with a unique grain structure highlighted. The ideal choice when combining your deck with Laminated Merbau posts, handrails or staircase. Disadvantage – Rich in tannins which leech out in a red wine like substance, can make a mess of concrete and pavers. If an issue for your build, our design team will advise on preventative measures or alternatives.

4. Spotted Gum (86 x 19/ 130 x 19/ 135 x 32)

Spotted Gum Image
Origin NSW/ QLD. Best characterised by its colour variation, which ranges from pale grey browns and soft creams to a rich chocolate brown. An exceptionally hard timber, Spotted Gum is the ideal choice if you are after a truly unique look for your deck. Disadvantage – Mainly relates to the DIY installer, due to its high hardness level, Spotted Gum is an extremely challenging timber to work with. To find out more talk to one of the Bettawood Team

5. Ironash – Victorian Ash (70 x 19/ 90 x 19)

Victorian Ash Image
Origin Victoria. Blonde, strong and hardwearing this decking board is the only hardwood on the market that is H3 treated, which gives it a 25-year guarantee. Available in solid and Finger-jointer. The finger joint is done in a way to give the board the appearance of one continuous piece, the beauty of the finger joint also means this board comes in set 6 metre lengths, the only one on the market. The consistent blonde colour gives a rich soft look that also lends itself to the natural silvering off look that is very popular today.
Download Ironash Brochure

6. Karri (65 x 20/ 85 x 20/ 130 x 20)

Karri Image
Origin Western Australia. A close relation to Jarrah, Karri is similar in appearance, hardness and durability. Its characterised by a vibrant red appearance with overtones from pale pink to rich reddish brown giving it a unique colour variation. Great choice when combining your deck with horizontal screening as the 65x20 boards come in a range of set lengths.

**For more Australian Hardwood Options Click on the following Boral Timber Decking Link

Alternative Decking Products

Boral Commercial Grade Boards (135 x 32)

Species available Blackbutt/Spotted Gum and Red Mahogany. Got a large area to deck and want a truly unique look with serious wow factor? Ask our Bettawood team about our Commercial Grade 135 x 32 boards. This board will not cup!

LOSP Clear Premium Treated Pine Decking (90 x 22/ 140 x 25)

Our new range of clear LOSP Treated Pine decking is the ideal choice when affordability is paramount. This decking board is a premium grade treated pine almost completely void of knots, takes a stain exceptionally well.

**Note: Not recommended for high traffic areas being a softwood.**


The new age in Decking has arrived! Bettawood have embraced this amazing new technology in Composite Decking. If you are considering a composite board for your new deck discuss the range and options available with our Bettawood team. Listed below are our range of composite product as recommended by Bettawood.

Blackbutt Boral small
Did You Know?

Council Approval is required for all Decks

  • Over 500mm in height
  • Closer than 900mm to boundary

Don’t worry if one of these above factors for your proposed deck is applicable, a Bettawood team member will discuss the options available for council approval.

Millboard Decking


Bettawood Built Decks –Key Design Points


Deck substructures are generally treated pine timber, posts/stumps are treated to a H4 Level whilst all joists and bearers to a H3 Level. All joists and bearers are a kiln dried treated pine which provides great stability and durability for the decking above, resistant to rot and termite attack, a treated pine substructure provides the best and most economical option available.

- Guaranteed Durability

All Bettawood substructures ae backed by a 25 year limited guarantee against termite and fungal attack.

Alternative Substructures

Deck substructures that require an alternative timber to treated pine due to bushfire zoning or greater engineering requirements, Bettawood have a range of options available. Hardwood substructure options include:

- Ironash (Victorian Ash) F14 (Available in 7.2m lengths) New laminated hardwood that gives superior strength in a H3 treated finish, ideal for decks requiring large spans. Drastically reduces the number of stumps required, double the nail holding ability of treated pine. Head to Products Bettawood Build with for more info.
Ironash PDF
-  Boral F27 Mixed Australian Hardwoods
Boral Structural PDF
- Cypress Pine – Dressed and Rough sawn

**Note: Bettawood do not use nor recommend steel frame substructures due to the differing rates of movement between steel and timber.

Wide Boards

Got a deck area greater than 4m in width? Then the wide decking board could be the perfect option, ranging in width from 130mm-140mm. This is the ideal alternative to the standard 85-90mm board which when laid over a large area (more relative to width than length) can make the deck area appear “busy”, the wider board will overcome this and provide a fantastic look. **Note: The wider board is not suited nor recommended in low lying area with minimal clearance and poor ventilation, our design team will advise if this is the case.

Decking Fastening

Our preferred fastening system are stainless steel screws; this ensures the strongest fastening method for securing the decking board to the joist. The choice of screw will depend on decking application. For the perfect finish we use a Countersink bit with a depth gauge, which allows for the screw to sit below the deck level. This gives a great finish and allows for any re-sanding of the deck at a later date

Our design team will consult with you ensuring the correct screw is used for your build. Our extensive range of screws are all on display at our Glandore showroom.

SPAX the screw! The future in Decking fasteners. Click on SPAX logo for Brochure Download

Concealed Decking Systems

Bettawood do not use nor recommend concealed fixing systems on our timber decking, due to the natural movement of timber coupled with our harsh climate, the long term viability of a concealed fixing system is something we cannot guarantee.

All our Deck Kits come with:
  • Trade Pricing
  • Expert Advise
  • A set of working drawings
  • Adelaide’s largest range of hardwoods and composite decking
  • Carbitool Countersink bit
  • Speedeck Spacing Tool

DIY Deck Kits – For Range, Advise and Price we are SA’s Leader in DIY Deck Kits

Bettawood specialise in the design process understanding that decks come in all different shapes and sizes, hence we custom design every deck kit that we quote. All decks are designed to Australian Standards, and when applicable Council Approval is undertaken by Bettawood (this includes application forms, plans and fee’s). Our experienced team will advise on selecting the best decking board for your deck, along with providing all fasteners, hardware, concrete and deck finishes all delivered to site. We have everything covered, so we can deck you out!

Getting Started: Pop into our showroom with your measurements and some pictures of the area, this will allow us to show you our huge range of decking boards and displays.

Prefer to email us your plans and pictures for a quote? Please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DIY Deck Kits

Stainless Steel Balustrade

Bettawood specialise in the supply and installation of Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade Systems, we proudly use the Pro Rig brand.

Stainless Steel Wire Balustrade is the perfect extension for your new deck. Decks greater than 1m above ground level require council approval with a wire spacing set at 80mm for a 11 wires system, with a maximum post spacing of 1.5m. For decks below 1m wire spacing and post spacing can be relaxed. Our design team will work with you to advise on the appropriate level of safety for wire spacings and support post.

Wire Balustrade Systems:

  • Quick Fit System – Timber - Image
  • Quick Fit System – Metal - Image
  • Quick Fit System – Timber/Metal - Image
  • Screw Hold System – Timber - Image
  • Ezi Crimp System – Timber - Image
  • Ezi Crimp System – Metal - Image
ProRig Brochure Pic 1

Handrail Systems


Hardwood Handrails: Laminated Merbau – Sizing 90 x 45 / 140 x 42 – Laminated Merbau performs exceptionally well as a handrail this engineered product is gun barrel straight with excellent stability. Stunning when finished with Intergrain Ultra Clear. *Note – Preparation is essential due to leeching of tannins.

Laminated Vic Ash – Sizing 90 x 42 / 140 x 42 – This Victorian hardwood also in a laminated timber provides an alternative colour to the merbau, will finish off perfectly against a blackbutt or spotted gum deck.

Painted Handrails: Design Pine - Sizing 90 x 42 / 138 x 42 – Preprimed LOSP timber that allows for a perfectly painted finish, performs exceptionally well as a handrail due to its stability and straightness.

Stainless Steel Handrails: Sizing 50mm Stainless Steel G316 Tube – Available in Satin or Mirror Polish, this handrail comes back by Pro Rig’s huge range of Saddles/Elbows and Caps.

For a closer look at the range available click here.

Balustrade Gallery


To get on the move, Bettawood can design and build you a stylish and functional staircase. We have a range of timber options available to build with.

Options include:

Treated Pine – durable, cost affordable
Laminated Merbau – finger jointed Glu Lam Merbau gives you the ultimate in strength and looks. **Note – Prepartion of Merbau essential due to leeching of tannins.
Iron Ash – Australian laminated Victorian Ash, traditionally used for internal staircases, now available in H3 for external use. Stunning in appearance and in strength.
Design Points
There are 2 styles of stair construction that Bettawood design and build with, which our design team will discuss with you in choosing the appropriate construction for your project

Boxed Decking Step Construction:

This design creates a look that will match your deck. Ideally we like to keep this design to a maximum of 2-3 steps due to the framing layout required to box out the steps.

Stringer and Tread Stairs:
This is the more traditional method of construction for stairs, a key design point that Bettawood implement in this construction is that we rebate our treads into our stringers.

PowerPrepTimber Finishes

Bettawood have a large range of Timber Finishes available when it comes to protecting and enhancing your timber project. Our experience team will talk you through all the options available. We also have our working displays of decking and screening located at our display yard.

Need your new Deck Finished?

Bettawood provide a full staining/oiling service for your new or existing deck.

Enquire with one of our team members for a quote today!

Did you know?

All newly constructed decks need to be allowed to weather for 4-6 weeks before coating can commence. This process can be avoided by using Intergrain Power Prep.

Click on the Intergrain Brochure to find out more.

Bettawood Timber Finishes

Intergrain Gallery Pic 1

Intergrain products have been designed to protect the natural beauty of timber. They are recognised as Australia’s high performance, environmentally responsible timber finishes.

Download Brochure

Blackbutt Deck with Lanotec finishes
86mm Australian Blackbutt finished with Lanotec

Lanolin based Timber Seal is an all-natural finish that penetrates and preserves seasoned timber and decking. This is the ideal product for the customer who is after the natural silvering off effect.

Download Brochure

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