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Advanced manufacturing processes combine the finest quality plantation grown timber, an innovative organic preservation system and a genuine BLUE primer to give Design Pine the edge.

Design Pine is a range of structural and decorative timber products coated with a genuine primer. Impregnated with a preservative to prevent the onset of decay and resist insect attack in all above ground applications, Design Pine is finger jointed and or laminated for increased dimensional stability to give a reliable product for years to come.

All finger jointed primed products are made up of four key components, these being the timber, the preservative, the glue system, and the primer system. Each one of the defined components can vary in quality and performance, each should be evaluated on their own merit prior to selecting a product. Design Pine does not jeopardized its quality as only the finest quality components are used to create the ultimate outdoor timber solution.

  • Superior primer technology
  • Sustainable plantation grown timber
  • Low embodied energy
  • Organic preservation system (H3)
  • Easy to work with, it’s timber!

These easy to use, ready to paint products are perfect for your next project. Whether it’s a small
verandah, cladding a house or creating a dream entertainment area, Design Pine has a profile for you.
Prior to priming, Design Pine is impregnated with an organic preservation system (H3) which increases its durability for all above ground exterior applications. The preservative is designed to prevent the onset of rot and decay as well as protect the timber from insect attack.

This innovative preservative contains special waxes and resins which slow the uptake of moisture, making Design Pine a more stable product.

This technology is covered by a limited 25 year durability guarantee*.

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